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Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover

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Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover

Let's See How Our Happy Customers Successfully Achieved Smooth and Soft Feet!

"Love the quality and performance of this electric foot callous remover. I also use it for the callous on the palm of my hands which really leaves my palms nice and soft. I always apply a moisturizer after callous removal. I had a stubborn thick patch of skin on my elbow and the callous remover removed and smoothed that area out perfectly.No batteries and charges quickly with included cord. I purchased two additional callous replacement attachments. Had mine for several months and no problems. Purchased one as a gift to my sister and she loves it also!" - Riley Monson

"I love this callus remover. I charged it up to use it right away, and it does a VERY much better job that the one that I was using. It is also easier to hold and use. I have only had it for a week or so now, but it seems like it is sturdy and will hold up." - Martha Swan

Achieve Soft and Callus-Free Feet

Ergonomic handle design to hold comfortably which is easy to remove hard skin, dead skin, troublesome calluses and wrinkles on feet. Specially designed to keep your heel in shape and for the roughest and toughest calluses, Reduces appearance of cracked heels, suitable for Both Men and Women.

How Foot Calluses Form?

Calluses are hard and thick patches of skin. Compared with corns, calluses are larger and have a more irregular (more spread out) shape. You are most likely to see calluses on the bottom of your foot on the bony areas that carry your weight – your heel, big toe, the ball of your foot and along the side of your foot.

Why Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover is Effective?

Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover features Black Coarse and Gray Fine Rollers that are useful in swiftly and efficiently removing thicker cuticle. It is simple to remove calluses, rough skin, and damaged heels, leaving your feet feeling exquisite.

Benefits and Features:
- ✔ Removes hard skin easily and quickly with no discomfort, and leaves your feet feeling smooth.
- ✔ No more scraping and cutting, they are efficient at dealing with hard skin.
- ✔ The most effective roller for removing the hard skin and giving a smooth finish.
- ✔ Smooth Your Feet with Replacement Rollers.

Effective for all Foot Skin Problem

Here are the some of customers who compliments our product

"This product is amazing. This product is powerful, the head is big enough to cover a bigger area, it's course enough to really get the job done. There are two speeds, I usually just use the high speed. After using it a few times, you'll know how much pressure to apply. I give this product 5 stars. Thank you for this wonderful little gadget, it makes my feet very smooth and soft after washing all the dead skin off and putting lotion on, the feet feel so good."- Madison Fultz

"This thing is great!! I have a terrible callus problem on my feet and this solved my ulitimate foot problem. It is easy to use and does an excellent job smoothing my heels and bottom of feet. I love the lighted charge indicator which turns green when ready. - Nica Taylor


Rechargable USB Port
Built in LED light
2 Speed
2 Roller heads (for Polishing & for Smoothing)

Package Includes

1 x Electric Foot File Hard Skin Remover

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