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Sturgeon Roe Truffle Nasolabial Eye Mask

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Sturgeon Roe Truffle Nasolabial Eye Mask

Regain Youthful Glow
Reverse the trace of time on your skin in one simple patch! Say goodbye to fine lines on your eyes, forehead, as well as smile lines and under eye circles! This is formulated to help to get your skin firmer, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it also whitens, smooths and softens skin while being gentle to your  skin.

Brightening Mask, No more Blemishes
Effectively brightens and whitens skin immediately after peeling off the mask. Those unwanted blemishes and dark spots helps lighten and less visible. This product nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes skin.
Increase Firmness and Elasticity
 Sturgeon Roe Truffle Nasolabial Eye Mask included deep moisturization and essential nutrients that promote elasticity and collagen production. Improve firmness, tighten loose skin around the eyes, cheeks and mouth. 
Repair Cell Regeneration
Repair and stimulate cell regeneration. Your skin will feel more hydrated and replenished after using, promoting youthful and radiant skin. Sturgeon Roe Truffle Nasolabial Eye Mask reinvented the structure of face masks with a triple layered structure that enhances serum absorption, fitting to your skin, and the moisture lock under the mask! 
  • Clean and dry face thoroughly before applying
  • Apply mask on face; leave on for 2-8 hours for best result
  • Remove mask and gently massage face for better absorption
  • Rinse and clean off the remaining serum
  • Apply skincare as per usual


 Ingredients: Copper Caviar, Nigella Truffles, Centella Asiatica

Net weight: 7.8g 

Quantity: 5 pair per box

Package Includes

1 x Sturgeon Roe Truffle Nasolabial Eye Mask Pack

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