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Waterproof Mending Sealing Clay

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Waterproof Mending Sealing Clay


Our Waterproof Mending Sealing Clay may be the fastest solution to fill holes or cracks! Instantly repairs and fix any projects such as wiring and piping.


This sealing clay is easy to reshape depends on the thickness of the wall and the size of the gap, completely fits the air-conditioning hole, pipe connection, socket hole and so on.


Our sealing clay is an ideal solution for filling the holes, cracks or pipe. Quick air dry and prevents any kinds of water leakage, such as anti-rainwater back indoor.



The Waterproof Mending Sealing Clay can be used for household cracks/holes filling, such as pipe wall groove filling, air conditioning pipe wall gap filling, water pipe butt filling.

Material: Clay

Size: 7 cm x 13 cm

Weight: 150 g

Color: White

1 / 2 / 5 PCS x Waterproof Mending Sealing Clay

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